Where to Shop Local Valentine’s (Or Galentine’s) Day Gifts on Etsy

(The Triangle Trend) — Etsy is basically the international powerhouse for all things handmade—and it’s the perfect marketplace for supporting small businesses. Everything listed on Etsy is either handmade or vintage, meaning small-business and artisan sellers are able to thrive on the platform. You’re able to shop for jewelry, accessories, clothing, shoes, home goods, event goods, toys, entertainment items, art, collectibles, craft supplies, gifts, and gift cards. All by crafty men and women, artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs from around the world. However, anyone with even a vague familiarity with Etsy already knows all those things. What they don’t know are the filters that truly make Etsy a superior competitor in the world of online shopping.

The most important filter for anyone who likes to shop local is Etsy’s “Shop Location” filter, offering the options of:

  • Anywhere
  • United States
  • Custom; being a “type your choice location” in the search bar filter that lists (what seems to be) every single city in the whole world

But it gets better than simply filtering by location. Aside from filtering by all the marketplace categories listed above, you can even narrow your search by the special offers of:

  • FREE shipping
  • On sale
  • Personalizable (Monogram, engravings, etc)

As well as filter by estimated arrival, price, ordering options, and item type. Now that you know all that nifty information, let’s get on to what you’re here for. Gift shopping for either your valentine or galentine. A quick search of “valentine gift” on Etsy brings up over one million results (ads included). Those hundreds of thousands of gifts come from all over the world—meaning that their estimated arrivals are extremely varied. The quickest way to cut back on shipping times? Shop local, of course. Filter by your city or state and suddenly you’ve got a much less overwhelming choice of gifts and the opportunity to support your local makers.

To cut back on your time spent searching and to ensure a high-quality online shopping experience, we’ve rounded up the top local sellers and top local gifts for Valentine’s day 2021. Here are some locally-made gifts you’ll want to snag for your sweetheart, galfriends, or palfriends ASAP.


Carrboro, NC

Jessica has been selling her stunning handmade earrings since 2008 and has plenty of recent listings for your choosing. All of her earrings are handcrafted with special attention to detail from the artist.

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from her shop are her:

Keep in mind there’s only one available of every item listed in her shop.


Knightdale, NC

Opened in 2020, Janay runs this thriving shop featuring handmade custom gifts of all kinds.  Tumblers, mugs, pop sockets, trays, keychains, coasters, and sippy cups are among the goodies that you’ll find.

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from her shop are her:


Knightdale, NC

This shop has over 12,700 sales, and for good reason. Jennifer’s natural products for the body and home have been turning heads since 2016 and buyers can’t stop gushing over the quality of her products.

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from her shop are her:


Cary, NC

Each piece sold in this shop is hand stamped or handcrafted by shop owner, Anju J. If you’re looking for a truly unique keychain or piece of jewelry, this is the shop for you. Anju is willing to go the extra mile and enjoys the process of taking a custom inquiry from a simple sketch to a finished piece.

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from her shop are her:


Raleigh, NC

Local co-owners Trish and Jon sure know what they’re doing when it comes to creating candles and exploring new scents. Their storefront is your one-stop-shop for handcrafted soy candles, soaps, and gift packs!

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from their shop are:


Durham, NC

Co-owned by couple Ana and Vinny, 4LovebirdsShop was created through their quest for date night ideas and has since expanded to gift ideas for families and friends as well. Their main goal right now is helping families “stay entertained and create deeper connections at home in these uncertain times.”

Our favorite Valentine’s day appropriate gifts from their shop are:

Even if you didn’t see the perfect gift, keep in mind there are still plenty of other local sellers on Etsy for you to support. Happy shopping and cheers to you and your valentine(s)!

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