What is Minimalism and Raleigh Businesses That’ll Help You Get Started

(The Triangle Trend) In case you missed the memo, minimalizing one’s life has slowly become a national trend over recent years.

When someone people hear the term “minimalism,” the image that automatically comes to mind is an unhygienic, ungroomed lady who survives off nothing but bread, water, and a one-room home. But quite frankly, the minimalist lifestyle is nothing like that.

Sure, the minimalist lifestyle is all about living with less. But it by no means implies that it’s practitioner is a social recluse or outcast. To be honest, minimalism has little to nothing to do with other people.

It’s a personal choice an individual makes in order to alleviate financial burdens, relieve oneself of both physical and mental clutter, and live life based on experiences instead of material possessions.

Minimalism is a bit different for everyone, but generally always includes:

  • getting rid of unnecessary possessions
  • organizing your living space
  • downsizing your space
  • buying less
  • Focusing on what’s truly important in life
  • Zero waste
  • & maintaining a simple lifestyle

Decluttering has been said to literally change one’s life and can help with reducing stress and anxiety. According to The Minimalists, minimalism is a tool that can help in finding freedom. True freedom from guilt, depression, and consumer culture.

So are you ready to try it out? Here are some of the top local businesses that’ll help you get started.

Life Simply Organized

Adrienne Ryan is the owner and operator of Life Simply Organized and she serves the entire Raleigh area as well as surrounding cities and towns. Her goal is to help clients transition to simpler living, and her services include:

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Assist in sorting and purging items.
  • Maximize existing storage space.
  • Create new storage space if needed.
  • Re-create a space if needed
  • Create a personal, customized guide for sustaining organization.
  • Leave you with a space you can be comfortable in.

She can also provide guidance in determining what simple living means in your life: minimalism​, zero-waste, plastic-free, chemical-free, less consumerism, etc. During Covid19, Adrienne will wear a face mask during every session and wash hands upon arrival.


HEIR is a minimalist jewelry and accessory company. All of Sophie’s pieces are handmade in her Raleigh studio with the greatest attention to detail + the highest quality of materials.

Minimalist jewelry is intentionally crafted to not draw too much attention. It involves simple shapes and subtle colors that’ll accentuate nude clothing and skin tone. Studs and mini hoops are traditional minimalist accessories, and metallic colors comprise the majority of all jewelry pieces.

Gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold are all colors you’ll see in HEIR, along with a generous selection of ear cuffs, neck cuffs, and wrist cuffs.

Bella Vita

Located in downtown Raleigh’s historic city market, Bella Vita offers Earthy, global, minimalist shop offering one of a kind handcrafted home decor, French soap bar, and other unique gifts.

Explore new head-turning home decor and furnishings in 2020, from inviting living spaces and dreamy bedrooms to modern decor, welcoming dining rooms and beyond.

Let their thoughtful material mixes, diverse influences and creative room styling strike fresh inspiration. Then, let your inner curator take over to refresh any space with style and staying power.

Simply Kept

Meritt, founder of Simply Kept, is a professional Organizer for Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.

She offers clutter management and organizational design services. Merritt believes in shaping spaces that promote functionality, discourage waste, and nurture personal flourishing. She also maintains a strong appreciation for style, art, and design.

Her 3 guiding principles for her work are:

  • Simple // keeping only what you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
  • Aesthetic // eliminating and hiding clutter while keeping and staging the beautiful and inspiring
  • Livable // making sure that what you need is where you need it for when you need it

She also runs a blog focused on organization at https://simplykept.org/blog that all minimalism novices could benefit from.

Form & Function

Form and Function Raleigh fully understands that Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. They’ll help you create a zen, low maintenance atmosphere within your living space. They can handle any of your minimalists interior design needs while being sure to incorporate warmth and fresh, modern spin. They’ll tackle both decor and furnishings.

Read their blog post on minimalist interior design here.

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