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What is Barre and Where to Take Classes Around the Triangle

(The Triangle Trend) — Best described as a targeted blend of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, barre workouts are geared at engaging your core and toning your full body. The workouts incorporate cardio while toning your legs, abdominals, and glutes. If you can hold on to a ballet bar, you’re more than ready to hop into your first barre class—regardless of your age, gender, or fitness level.

What to Expect

The lighter weights typical of a barre class may initially look underwhelming, but it’s the high repetition and consistent movement that makes this form of fitness so effective.

Expect a mild learning curve if you’re unfamiliar with dance terms, but popular terminology like “first position”, “second position,” and “arabesque” can be quickly explained or picked up in your first class.

Weights are almost solely used for arm work, and the ballet bars are used for leg work. Ballet-based movements, which make up the majority of the class, are primarily bodyweight focused. Aimed at strengthening your calves, thighs, and core, improving your overall balance, and providing some minor flexibility work.

A typical barre workout is organized as followed:

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Arm Work
  3. Bar Leg Work
  4. Core Work
  5. Cooldown

Some instructors blend these steps so harmoniously that you don’t even realize you’ve made the transition.

The objective of barre workouts is simple. You use little, isometric movements to push your muscles to the point of fatigue. You stretch your muscles while they’re warm and avoid high impact to build an elongated, strong, slim physique without packing on any bulk.

So where can you practice barre and reap these amazing benefits right here in the NC Triangle?

Pure Barre

4209 Lassiter Mill Rd, Suite 134, Raleigh, NC 27609

2044 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27518

737 9th St, Suite 260, Durham, NC 27707

See their website for their other locations in the Triangle.

Pure Barre’s classes are constructed to target multiple specific muscles in your body using small, precise movements. Offering a range of modifications for every body type and to fit any schedule, they’re there to help you transform yourself both physically and mentally. Also offering online classes during COVID-19.


4224 Beryl Rd, Suite A, Raleigh, NC 27606

“Our personal attention to form and alignment is coupled with the motivation and encouragement of a group class setting. Think of it as a private session with your very best friends cheering you on! The challenge you overcome in class leaves you with a calm, centering ‘blissed out’ state of mind to carry you through the rest of your day with ease. We have the discipline to generate proper form in our classes and the flexibility to work with a variety of bodies and their necessary modifications. We know you’ll appreciate the difference and feel right at home in no time!”

Barre-Up’s classes are currently delivered via live-streams with lots of different dates and times available.

Carolina Barre & Core ITB Raleigh

2603 Glenwood Ave, Suite 141, Raleigh, NC 27608

“Carolina Barre & Core is a place to feel totally present, engaged, motivated, and safe.
No egos, no judgment…only results. Our goal is to be mindful mentally and physically during exercise which will ultimately allow you to gain the results desired. [We are] a boutique fitness studio located in Charlotte, NC & Raleigh, NC. All of our teachers are barre certified by Exhale Core Fusion. Barre Fusion is a calorie-burning, fat blasting workout designed to strengthen and tone muscles, sculpt arms, legs, and abdominals, as well as lift the butt.”

PBX Pilates Barre Extreme

11211 Galleria Ave, Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27614

“The PBX® Method fuses the disciplines of Pilates, barre, and yoga, highlighted by limited class sizes and individual attention. Understanding movement is the first step to achieving a sculpted physique, so get ready to breathe through the burn and push your muscles to fatigue! Through the guidance of our inspirational instructors, you will learn the use of modern reformers and props to engage all the right muscle groups for optimal results. Our motto is SLT: strengthen, lengthen, and tone. Through our program, you will experience the long, lean lines you’ve been craving for an overall sculpted physique through intense cardio workouts, core strengthening, cross-training, and much more.”


509 West Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27608

201 S Elliott Rd, Suite 400, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

“Our science-backed approach helps clients build strength, restore balance, increase endurance and energy, decrease stress, and rediscover the joy of movement. The transformative power of our workout is more than physical—and it extends far beyond the studio. Barre3 isn’t just about the hour you spend strengthening and balancing your body; it’s also about the empowerment you carry with you into your life. No experience required. Our classes are designed to make everyone feel welcome and get a great workout.”

YoBa Studio

5003 Falls Of Neuse Rd, Suite G, Raleigh, NC 27609

“We are a movement studio offering a variety of complimentary class types that are intentionally designed to help you take what you need. Our class types include vinyasa style yoga flow, barre, a blended class of vinyasa flow + barre, vinyasa flow + restorative yoga, as well as our own branded class called Signature. Our mission at YoBa Studio is to show up prepared to serve each other and offer a safe space to be fully present. We are a safe place to get out of your head and into your heart, and celebrate the fact that everyone’s heart needs something unique. We serve our community through intentional movement, radiant heat, and musically driven experiences.”

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