The Top Durham Non-Profits to Support for International Day of Charity

(The Triangle Trend) On the 5th of September, people around the world will be collectively celebrating the International Day of Charity. Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, this day serves to unite humanity in the efforts to end poverty everywhere. It’s also celebrated as an acknowledgement of the organizations established to provide for the needs of the world’s most vulnerable and poorest populations. Being part of the change this September is as simple as supporting local nonprofits, who’ll do the rest of the work in making sure your donations reach the people in need. Bettering your own community is the first step towards bettering the world. Here are the established nonprofits in Durham working to support vulnerable populations.

Community Empowerment Fund – Durham

2634 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Suite 6, Durham, NC 27707

CEF’s mission is to cultivate opportunities, assets, and communities that support the alleviation of homelessness and poverty. Their approach combines person-centered support with financial services that pursue equity in order to reduce the racial wealth gap. CEF Members receive sustained one-on-one support from volunteer Advocates, trained in racial equity and trauma-informed care, to help achieve their chosen goals.

Church World Service

112 S Duke St # 4B, Durham, NC 27701

CWS Durham welcomes refugees and immigrants from around the world into lives of freedom, hope, and opportunity in the Triangle. They work with community partners to educate the wider community, advocate for immigrant and refugee causes, and equip new refugees and immigrants for long-term success.


307 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701

Among numerous other things, MDC promotes local investment in large-scale, systemic change, and positions philanthropies to play leadership roles in mobilizing local, cross-sector action.  They have helped foundations redirect more than $1 billion over the past 10 years to address root causes of inequity in education, employment health and overall economic well-being.

World Relief Durham

801 Gilbert St, Durham, NC 27701

World Relief prepares newly arrived refugees to adjust to a new area, language, culture, employment, education, and opportunities. Even before a new family or individual arrives, World Relief is already working to anticipate major health needs, locate an apartment, and start building community support for the new family. For the next six months, World Relief caseworkers provide extensive case management to help refugees build stable, flourishing lives here in the United States.

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