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The Biggest Local Book Clubs for Triangle Bookworms

(The Triangle Trend) — Looking for a group to read and discuss with? Here are the biggest book clubs around the Triangle, with meetups both in-person and online.

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.”

– Lena Dunham

Raleigh-Durham Brain Pickings Book Club

1,478 bookworms

“If you’re a fan of Brain Pickings (—or you just enjoy reading books about creativity, psychology, spirituality, design, and art—this is the book club for you.” Once a month, this group discusses a select literary work by a mentioned author on Brain Pickings. They enjoy openly talking about life’s beautiful and not-so-beautiful moments, as well as raw emotions that we all experience.

Authors of Color Book Club Triangle Meetup

1,000 bookworms

True to its name, this virtual public group is for readers looking to discuss published works books by authors of color, especially women of color, with other passionate readers.

The Raleigh 30s/40s/50s Something Women’s Book Club

738 bookworms

A book club for women from ages 30 to 59 that collaborate every month, usually on the third Tuesday, to discuss a large variety of novels.

The CAM Bookheads

703 bookworms

The CAM Bookheads have a very straight-to-the-point intention. Choose a work, read said work, and then discuss in a group setting. All meetings are being held on Zoom until further notice, and everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts on the book of the month. The books are random, so don’t worry about being restricted to one genre or writer.

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime (20’s/30’s)

641 bookworms

This club’s focus is on Amazon’s list of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.” Similar to other clubs, a book is chosen each month, and then members meet virtually to chew over its meaning together. Their primary mission is to create “well-rounded discussions that celebrate the members’ appreciation for literature.” Expect a variety in genre and time period, as books aren’t chosen by any specific criteria…other than being a great read.

ATB Cinema and Book Club

603 members

This group is an offshoot of the larger “ATB Social Groups of the Triangle” and combines book lovers with lovers of film. ATB Book club chooses a book of the month, and all virtual discussion is carried out in their Facebook group.

Romance Lovers Book Club

565 bookworms

This group is solely dedicated to literary works in the romance genre. They focus on a certain theme each month before expanding to book suggestions from members– including those they’ve already read and/or would like to read.

Wonderland Book Club

523 bookworms

This club attempts to take you on a journey through wonderland by making you explore titles you wouldn’t traditionally think of. They accept readers of all types and make a very welcoming micro-community of book lovers.

Book Lovers Club at Flyleaf Books

514 bookworms

As their name suggests, this is “a casual and friendly book club that meets monthly at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill.” They focus on all kinds of works, with novels being voted and chosen through online polls. They’re happy to accommodate member book recommendations as well, so don’t be shy. Flyleaf Books also offers 20% off the books chosen for their discussions!

Chapter Chicks

508 bookworms

As their club name suggests, this is a “group of Chicks who like reading the next big thing and aren’t afraid to mix it up.” Their intention is for gals of all backgrounds to have a space exclusively dedicated to sharing thoughts, impressions, and more on novels they’ve read.

Graphic Book Club

501 bookworms

This club discusses Durham County Library’s Graphic Books each month. Different from most other clubs, members are allowed to read different books as long as they fall into the book theme or plot type of the month.

GenteXt Book Group: Books, Bars, and Beers

435 bookworms

Bull City readers from age 21 to 40 are welcome to get in on the action happening within genteXt. Talk about “cutting edge” works and throw back a pint simultaneously with this one-of-a-kind group. Sponsored by Durham County Library and hosted by two librarians, you’re sure to have a great time.

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