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The Biggest Chapel Hill Local Groups You Won’t Regret Joining

(The Triangle Trend) — Looking to meet some new people, try new things, or do more of the activities you love? You don’t have to go about it alone. Chapel Hill has a bustling community of residents actively engaged in numerous hobby-focused, career-focused, and social-focused groups. Most of these local groups have adjusted to virtual meetups and social distancing opportunities, so you can still become an engaged member whenever you’re ready to make the leap. And luckily for you, there’s a very generous selection available for those in the Chapel Hill area!

Chapel Hill – Durham Hikers

1408 members

“We are an active and social group (with some fantastic nature photographers) and plan hikes in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and Chatham county areas. The hikes with our experienced organizers vary in intensity from relaxed pace to brisk and are generally anywhere from 3 to 7 miles in length (see hike posting for specific details of skill level and intensity). We offer evening and weekend hiking opportunities. If you already walk regularly at a good pace, we have events for you!”

The Carrboro & Chapel Hill Social Club

1121 members

“This group is pretty much an anything goes social club for the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. As far as activities go, the ideas that drive this group will come from YOU! Concerts, festivals, happy hours, volunteering, exhibits, restaurants, comedy clubs, sporting events, potlucks, art walks, and anything and everything else in between, so long as it is legal.”

Chapel Hill Entrepreneur’s Meetup

668 members

“Whether you are starting a business or working in an existing business, this Meetup will introduce you to that transformation and have you practicing that new approach to thinking as you interact and network with the Meetup group and in your venture. This is not a keys to success or secrets to high achievement class, but rather a get-together of likeminded innovators and early adopters designed to help you think clearly as you engage in your passion and its challenges. It is primarily for people who are fundamentally values, rather than profit oriented in their approach to business—they do it because it is their passion.”

#Resist: Chapel Hill

522 members

“Join others who care about what’s happening to democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, sustainability, and other important topics. It’s ok if you’ve never been to a protest, march, or town hall—start here. You really can make a difference.”

The Chapel Hill UUkes

347 members

“If you’re in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area, and you want to have fun playing the uke with friendly people, the UUkes welcome you! This group was started by members of the Community Church of Chapel Hill (Unitarian Universalist) who wanted to play ukulele together. Since then, membership has expanded beyond church members, but we maintain our affiliation with the church and perform at services and other church events, including the annual music gala.”

WordPress Chapel Hill

318 members

“Learn about WordPress, one of the most popular open-source content management systems, for web publishers, bloggers, and journalists.”

Chapel Hill Women Living Well With Anxiety and Depression

235 members

“It’s easy to isolate yourself when dealing with anxiety and depression, yet social engagement/connection can be important when managing these conditions. If you’re a woman at any stage of managing anxiety and depression in your day to day life, join this group and meet other women who experience some of the same challenges you do. Experiences here will offer support, respect, validation and acceptance. Meetings are currently being held virtually on Zoom. Show up as you are. Contribute as much or as little as you’re able on any particular day.”

Conscious Strong Chapel Hill

117 members

“At Conscious Strong, we strive to build a community around mindfulness in our everyday life and movement. In this group you will find ways to live your best life. We want to build a community and a movement towards better mental wellness that leads to better physical wellness. We are an inclusive group that wishes to hear from all voices on how wellness is viewed. Join us today on this journey and passion for helping to move our minds and bodies better. We are Conscious Strong!”

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