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Styku Fitness: What It Is & Raleigh’s Newest Gym to Try It

(The Triangle Trend) Upon first glance at Raleigh’s newest gym, Workout Anytime, you’re faced with a fitness center that’s exciting and attractive. But while its red and gray checkerboard flooring is worth a double-take, it’s not immediately clear what sets this gym apart from the rest. Upon deeper inspection, however, their competitive advantages become abundantly obvious.

Workout Anytime features 24-hour access for members, a Workout Anytime App with hundreds of virtual exercises and workouts, Matrix strength training equipment, and rows of all your favorite cardio machines. We’re talking treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and stationary bikes.

But that’s not it; establishing themselves as a full-service gym, Workout Anytime also features a dedicated plate weight area with free weight dumbbells, a squat rack, a flat and incline bench press, a smith machine, and a variety of assisted weight lifting equipment.

Still not quite seeing what makes them different from other local gyms? Workout Anytime goes above and beyond, offering certified personal coaching, monthly fitness evaluations, a TRX system, a HydroMassage massage therapy system, Ergoline professional tanning beds, an Infrared sauna, a reACT Training System, and the focal point of this article: a Styku 3D body scanning system.

In terms of fitness metrics, Styku is revolutionary. With simply a turntable and a 3D camera, you can perform a 3D body scan in seconds. The machine extracts millions of measurements with 2mm precision in about 35 seconds and rebuilds your body three-dimensionally.

For a full video synopsis of Styku, watch the video produced by the company themselves here.

While scales might deceive you into believing you’re not making progress, Styku does away with that. Nothing is more illustrative and inspiring than seeing your body change for the better. With less than 1% inaccuracy, extract measures like your waist, hips, thighs, and more.

If you’re one of those gym-goers who needs a bit of motivation to stay consistent, you’re in luck. Styku has been proven to keep users interested in fitness by tracking changes in their body form and measurements as their bodies respond to exercise and dietary advice. Styku utilizes artificial intelligence to estimate your body fat percentage based on your waist, hip, and anthropometric measurements. It’s an accurate and reliable technique to forecast lean and fat mass as well as bone mass without the requirement for weighing.

You can even use the Styku Fat Percent to compare your health risks to others in your gender and age group.

The full Styku process is completely autonomous and private. It just takes 35 seconds to complete, with a processing time of only 40 seconds, making it the fastest scanner on the market. Scanning can be done in leggings, shorts, and any other form-fitting attire so thankfully, you won’t have to anticipate any stripping down at this fitness center.

You’ll receive both a stunning and interactive 3D before/after viewer, as well as objective 2D visual overlays with touch-friendly compatibilities like rotating, panning, and zooming to view your body from any angle.

You can read all about this one-of-a-kind scanner here.

If you’re interested in an Anytime Fitness membership, you won’t have to face exorbitant rates. One of Anytime’s marketed commitments is a membership that costs less than getting the newspaper. You even can score yourself a one-day free trial before making the jump. You’ll need to pay a $49 enrollment fee regardless of which membership you go with.

For a premium monthly membership, you’ll be looking at $29.00/month. For a basic monthly membership, you’ll be looking at $19.00 per month. Monthly rates remain the same for annual memberships. On monthly memberships, a rate guarantee of $39.00 dollars will be due 45 days from joining and on term memberships, an annual fee of $39.00 dollars will be due 45 days from joining. Learn more about pricing here.

Workout Anytime Fitness

2720 Lake Wheeler Road, Suite 122

Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 500-9163

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