Roll to the Polls is Helping Voters Secure Transportation

(The Triangle Trend) — Election Day is almost here, and it’s time to plan your voting trip. For some, the trip to the polls is the hardest part—lack of transportation plagues voters everywhere, and it can be enough to keep some from getting their vote counted. In an effort to combat this, several transportation companies are offering free or discounted rides on Election Day. Anyone seeking a ride—or in need of voter resources in general—should check out Roll to the Polls.

With over twenty partnered companies listed, Roll to the Polls has got you covered with numerous ways to scoot, bike, or rideshare to your local polling place on Tuesday, November 3rd! Here are just a few options available for those in the Triad area.


If you’re into scooting, Bird scooters will have free rides for up to 30 minutes on Tuesday, November 3rd. Use code VOTE2020 to access this joy ride!


If you’re in Raleigh, at UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, or Queens University, Gotcha is a stellar choice for you. Just open the Gotcha app on Election Day to find a bike, scooter, or cruiser, and enter code VOTE2020 to ride for free.

Citrix Cycle

On Election Day, day passes for Raleigh’s bike-share service Citrix Cycle will be available for only one dollar, and rides will be extended from the usual 45-minute limit to three hours!


Lyft is offering 50% off rides to a polling place or ballot dropbox come election day. Anyone can use code 2020VOTE for the discount. The code also applies to bikes and scooters! Additionally, Lyft’s transportation access initiative called LyftUp is teaming with several nonprofit organizations to help people access polling places. In some cities, including Charlotte, More Than a Vote will provide free Lyft rides to the polls!

Check out Roll to The Polls for more on rides, and even get help with voter registration. Ride safe, and happy voting!

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