Ready to Invest? Local Firms That’ll Help You Invest the Smart Way

(The Triangle Trend) — It seems that in 2021, the question of “to invest or not to invest” has all but changed into the question of “how to invest”. It’s becoming common knowledge that investments are at the heart of “millionaire mindsets” and the ultimate way to diversify one’s income. If you can ride out the humps and bumps, the value of your stock will almost always increase. If you invest smartly, that is. Which will likely include a combo of low risk and high risk stocks, or just low risk depending on how old you are.

You’d already know that and so much more if you hired an investing professional. And although there are a plethora of remote investing agents out there, nothing quite beats sitting down face to face and letting your instinct decide whether the agent is worth your time. Plus, it never hurts knowing where to find them if things go south. If that sounds good to you, but you don’t know where to find said in-person investing professionals, read on.

Capital Investment Companies

100 E Six Forks Rd, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27609

Although it’s nice to hear from a company directly, client testimonials always take the cake in terms of transparency. When past client Katherine Webb was asked about her experience, let’s just say she more than delivered. “Capital Investment Companies delivers exemplary financial and investment services. Proactive, responsive and always informed, they’re always offering guidance and reporting to ensure my future. Ben and Cindy take care of me as if I am the only client in the world, and that service excellence is prevalent throughout the organization—it’s core to how they operate each day.”

“They’re conscientious and strive to ensure the investment strategy they implement for me is aligned with my needs and plans over the years. I could not imagine better care or a more comforting, informed, transparent experience, and would not hesitate in recommending anyone, regardless of their investment scenario, trust them to guide their future financial security. I’ve been a client for more than 10 years and have never, ever had a moment of uncertainty, a question unanswered or a contact unreturned. They truly thrive on taking care of people.” Sound like a firm you’d like to get consult? Give them a call at ​​(919) 831-2370 or shoot an email to

Raleigh Investment Consultant LLC

2301 Rexwoods Dr, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Kunde, the man behind this business, is all about educating clients on how to make smart investing decisions for themselves more so than making those decisions for you. If you’re looking to get into investing for the long-run, and don’t want to pay someone every time you’re ready to invest again, you’ll want to give this investment advisor’s courses a try. Past guest Sandip Ghuge shared,

“Dr Sachin Kunde, a physician turned financial advisor, recently helped me and my wife open an investment account. The whole process was stress free, thanks to his help. He understood exactly what my goals were and focused his time and energy to achieve them.  I was able to carry multiple friendly conversations with him. This is a quality that a lot of other financial investors lack. Dr. Sachin is a very hard-working person who will always put his clients interest first. I find him extremely trustworthy and feel blessed to find a person like him in a stressful financial world.” Schedule a call with Dr. Sachin here.

Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Waylon L Iddings

5000 Falls of Neuse Rd, Suite 424, Raleigh, NC

An investment firm is only as good as the advisors that make it up, and Edward Jones has an impressive record of high-quality advisors. Waylon Iddings, in particular, is one advisor you’ll want by your side. Client Mary W. marveled over her experience with the agent, stating,

“Waylon has assisted me and my family for over 6 years. I meet or call him several times a year and he helps to walk me through what all I may need to shift in my portfolio. After continuing my relationship from Patti, I was very grateful to have his guidance and direction during some of the most difficult of market environments. I would definitely recommend him for helping you start with investing, transferring from another firm, opening an IRA, opening a 529, and helping to finalize trust or estate documents.” Give Iddings a call at (919) 981-0620 or request an appointment here.

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