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Party Vibes and COVID-Safe Pods at Raleigh’s New Gym

(The Triangle Trend) — Ritual, located in Raleigh, has revamped group fitness during COVID-19 with personal workout pods. Each pod is constructed with plexiglass and wood to ensure the protection of everyone in class. Opened on February 1, 2020, each of Ritual’s high-intensity classes is like a celebration that parallels the club night-life scene most locals haven’t experienced in over a year. Upbeat high-energy music is the driving force behind each workout as moves are coordinated to match the beat. Each class is a true fitness challenge, but you’ll be in the company of plenty of others crushing their goals as well as instructors who push you to your full potential.

High-energy in-person instructors will surely be a nice change from those home workout videos. Ritual’s dark-lit rooms filled with purple, blue, and pink lights are more than enough to pump you up for any workout. Their “Ritual Room” offers a refreshing, unique fitness scene from most of the area’s main-stream gyms. Ritual is all about digging deeper and pushing forward with your fitness goals. Their center provides you with a safe space to work as hard as you can at being your best self.

Ritual offers six class types that are sure to whip you in shape in no time. Ritual Ride is a 45-minute cycling workout guided by music and passionate instructors. This high-intensity workout has a little bit of everything—from high-resistance terrains to sprint-level speeds. This is the ideal class for anyone looking to work up a good sweat and experience all those positive endorphins exercise provides. Expect lots of thrilling choreography and added resistance to work your arms.

Ritual Performance is for those who are less rhythmically inclined. If you’re looking to simply crush out a cycling workout filled with challenging, variable resistance minus the bells and whistles of music or choreography, this is the class for you. Fans of interval training will especially appreciate this class for its cyclic motions that are designed to boost your stamina and cardiovascular fitness in no time.

Ritual Resistance is for lovers of resistance training—or for people who would like to be lovers of resistance training. Although you’ll still be getting your cycling fix for a generous thirty-minute portion of class, you’ll also spend a half-hour without the bike, cranking out core moves. The resistance training will target your entire body but specifically set fire to your abdominals. If you’re planning to attend one of these classes, you can also look forward to the incorporation of resistance bands or free weights from time to time.

Ritual Restoration is just as promising as it sounds; a full-body flow designed to build flexibility and strength while increasing mobility. Whether you’re a beginner or expert fitness guru, everyone can benefit from this soothing class. It’s a practice you can do whenever you have some free time to alleviate tension and stress in the body.

Ritual Reset is somewhat like a peaceful bike ride on a calm Saturday morning. Described as a “recovery ride”, this is the class for anyone in need of an active rest day. When your muscles are simply burnt out from high-intensity workouts, Ritual Reset is there for you to give your mind and body the break they need.

Ritual Rope is the first of its kind in Raleigh—making it a particularly exciting addition. This 45-minute class consists of high-intensity interval training and a handy dandy jump rope to give your bones the high-impact workout they need. This class is filled with movements that primarily target your abdominals and get your heart rate up.

Regarding the part you’ve probably been waiting for, Ritual pricing starts at $25 for a single class or $125 for a 12-class pass. However, if you’d like to test-run what Ritual is all about, we suggest taking advantage of their New Rider Special: 2 classes for $25.00, which expires 30 days after purchase. Their “pay-as-you-go” is $25.00 for one class to $400 for twenty classes, while their memberships go from $225/month for Unlimited Classes (Group Fitness & Cycle). They offer four memberships, which you’ll be charged for monthly, and four ‘pay-as-you-go’ plans that all expire at different durations from your purchase date.

For anyone who still isn’t comfortable with a physical group fitness setting, Virtual Class Pricing starts at $15 for one class or $45 for a monthly pass. Currently, their grand opening special price is $99 for one month unlimited. So take advantage of that while you can.

Ritual Raleigh

7428 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

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