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Oh, Hay! Have You Been to Raleigh’s Horseback Riding Farm?

(The Triangle Trend) — Located on Wildlife Trail in Raleigh, just right off the outskirts of Durham County, Dead Broke Farm has been offering horseback riding to the public since July 2004. This family-owned and operated farm takes care of all the nitty-gritty of horse ownership so you can enjoy horse riding without the sweat and expense.

The guides, during all stages of the horse riding process, are great. The nature trail, even in less than ideal weather, is well-worth it. The horses are well-mannered and comfortable with riders.

The trail is beautiful, well-manicured, secluded, peaceful, and easy for inexperienced riders. It has small hills and streams for just the right level of excitement.

It does take time to start riding on the trail after your arrival, but that’s understandable; just make sure to pack your patience. You’ll have to fill out a form, watch a demonstration, and they have to match the appropriate horse to each rider. All meticulous efforts that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Besides the horse experience—riding skills, trail riding, and learning how to take care of the horses—they have so much to do to entertain kids, including a playground, crafts, movies, and games, when you sign your child up for Day Camp.

They offer a variety of rides that children ages two and up can participate in. They can ride on their own when they are six years old and up. But if they are under six, they’ll have to ride double with one of DBF’s experienced guides. They can do the 1-hour trail ride along with the rest of the family though.

The first hour costs $75/person for the 1-hour ride, but group discounts are available. Each additional hour after the first is $45/hour per person. Tips are appreciated. For a group of 1 – 4, you can expect to spend $75 per person for an hour or $120 per person for two hours. For a group of 5 – 9, you can expect to spend $70 per person for an hour or $115 per person for two hours. And if there are 10 – 19 riders in your party, you can expect to spend $65 per person for one hour or $110 per person for two hours.

Additional fees include:

  • $10 fee for children 5 years of age or younger who need their own dedicated guide to ensure a safe riding experience
  • $10 fee for riders who weigh more than 200 lbs due to the cost that accompanies caring for their larger draft horses
  • Private rides are available for an additional $50, which is a fixed cost independent of the number of riders or how long you’re riding
  • Groups of 6 or more will have 15% gratuity added to their cost

A couple words of caution: come wearing sunblock and a visor, because we’ve heard that waiting times sure can add up quick for large groups. And you might want to bring a handkerchief too; sweat is pretty much a given when it comes to waiting in midday heat.

Call (919) 596-8975 to reserve your ride. Online reservations are no longer taken, so you’ll need to call ahead to book a riding session.

And you better giddy up and get going, these horses aren’t going to ride themselves!

Dead Broke Farm

Monday – Sunday: 8AM–5PM

6921 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613

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