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Movies With Goats

(The Triangle Trend) — It is an ageless quandary we have all asked ourselves time and time again while enjoying an outdoor movie in beautiful weather and wondering: “What is missing?” Luckily for us, Spring Haven Farm has found the answer: goats. Every Friday and Saturday this summer Spring Haven Farm in Chapel Hill is hosting an outdoor cinema to entertain humans and livestock alike. 

The open-air venue allows for adequate social distancing and COVID-safety precautions. Per state safety regulations, tickets will not be available at the door and must be purchased in advance online. The movie itself is free, however patrons must pay $11.50 per person for admission to the pasture. Licensing does not allow Spring Haven Farm to announce the movie titles ahead of time, adding an extra surprise to each venture. 

The farm is BYOC: Bring your own chairs. Spring Haven Farm also suggests bringing a blanket. Remember not to pack anything fancy as the theater is set up in a pasture and goats poop… a lot. Still, with a positive attitude and a healthy dash of humor, the environment can be considered romantic. 

Every Friday is date night and features a romantic comedy rated PG-13 or friendlier. Saturdays are family night and all movies will be rated PG or G. Guests are permitted to bring food. Keep in mind that goats will try to steal your food, so keep a close eye. Guests are not permitted to feed the goats human food, however adorably they look at you. Audience members are invited to bring their own wine and beer on Fridays for date night. 

Throughout the film, goats will be roaming around vying for your attention and limitless head scratches. Arrive as early as 7:00pm to explore the pasture and find your perfect spot. Movies start at sunset, typically around 8:45pm. Summer is fading fast so enjoy this experience before it ends on September 17th.

Purchase tickets online here. Do not forget to add on popcorn, water, and goat-friendly treats for your new furry friends! 

Questions? Message Spring Haven Farms on their Movies with Goats Facebook Event Page.

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