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Got Kombucha?

Mark Poole credits his mother as the inspiration for his cool, new Cary business, IngenuiTea Brews.

Several years ago, Mark’s mother discovered Kombucha while vacationing on the North Carolina coast. She enjoyed its taste and the inherent health benefits. Her attempts to make a satisfying homemade Kombucha proved to be elusive–some batches were good and others, not so much.   

So, her Kombucha pilgrimage to the beach continued until, one day, fate intervened. Mark happened to call his mom that day and learned that she was driving two hours to the coast with the sole purpose of purchasing the favored Kombucha. It was at this moment that Mark let his mother know he would make Kombucha for her here–no more treks to Wilmington. It’s worth noting that Mark is completing his PhD in biochemical engineering, a knowledge and skill set that aligns wonderfully with, among other things, the brewing of Kombucha. 

IngenuiTea Brews Was Born

The Ingenuitea Brews taproom and tasting bar, located behind WakeMed in Cary, serves local and award-winning beers on tap along with a small but worthy selection of red, white, and sparkling boutique wines. They also offer organic coffees that are locally roasted and an expansive and impressive selection of loose leaf teas. Make no mistake, though–the star of this show is the Kombucha.  

So, what is Kombucha (pronounced Kom-booch-a)?  

Kombucha is an ancient, fermented tea (more on this in a second) with myriad health benefits. It’s safe to say that it originated in China over 2,000 years ago and was adopted by Russia and then embraced by Europe. As time went on and word spread of its holistic health benefits, it garnered attention, traction, and acceptance in the US.

Why is it healthy?

Kombucha’s significant health benefits are anchored in the fact that it replenishes and enhances human digestive bacteria or microbiota. The more and varied microbiota found in your stomach, the greater the assimilation and distribution of essential micronutrients in your body. As we get older, the bacteria in our gut becomes less and less diverse with the impact being a reduction in our ability to digest and absorb essential micronutrients. Kombucha contains a wide spectrum of bacteria which fortifies your stomach.  

How is Kombucha made?

Kombucha is made by fermenting black tea with a specific blend of sugars and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (i.e., SCOBY).  As one might imagine, the fermentation process yields alcohol. However, the bacteria feed on the alcohol and convert it into an assortment of wonderful beneficial acids. Kombucha is the result of choices made: tea type, temperature, time and the SCOBY. There is artistry in the creation of this ancient beverage.   

IngenuiTea Brews features six craft Kombuchas including Super Brew with Ginger to settle your stomach, Relax Brew(with Lavender to ease tension and stress, Wellness Brew with cinnamon added to naturally regulate blood sugars, Recovery Brew packed with electrolytes to help you bounce back fast, Smart Brew featuring Ginseng to help you perk up and remain clear-headed, and Immunity Brew with Elderberries to boost your immune system and keep you strong. Kombucha can be purchased by the glass or growler.   

IngenuiTea Brews sits at the confluence of passion, empathy, and technical skill. The outcome is something both healthful and delicious.     

Note: IngenuiTea Brews is open during Covid-19. They ask their customers to wear masks and to maintain social distancing. Free Wifi is available, especially for those looking to find a “work at home” away from home. Visit their website to learn about hours and specials.

IngenuiTea Brews

305 Ashville Ave, Ste E, Cary, NC


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