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Join Run The Year’s 2,021-Mile Challenge

(The Triangle Trend) — Due to capacity restrictions in 2020, runners and avid walkers didn’t really get their fair share of 5ks, 10ks, 20ks, half-marathons, marathons… or pretty much any group running events. While a decent amount kept up their fitness regimens and even invested in a treadmill, there’s still that group aspect to the practice that so many are missing. Running solo isn’t the most appealing thought to everybody and it requires a great deal of self-motivation. But don’t worry if you fell off the bandwagon when it comes to reaching your step goals—all the more reason to bounce back in 2021 with a bang.

Run The Year 2021 is an exciting challenge that sounds exactly like what it is. Your challenge, as well as the participants around the world, is to run 2,021 miles before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2021. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.

Try it solo and/or with a team of up to 5. Split miles any way you want between team members. With or without a team, Run The Year is the chance to change your life. 2021 marks the challenge’s 7th year of occurrence. That’s right—Run The Edge has been hosting virtual challenges since well before it became the norm in 2020.

The beautiful thing about a virtual fitness challenge? It can be completed anywhere, at any time, by anyone. Runners, walkers, cyclists, and many others use virtual fitness challenges as a way to stay motivated and accountable to achieve their fitness goals. Run The Edge’s virtual fitness challenges are more than just running and walking challenges. Each challenge includes access to private motivational communities, tools to track your mileage, and health and fitness material to help you on your journey. If you’re largely confined to a wheelchair, Run The Edge is more than understanding of any specific physical requirements and only asks that if you need wheels, please use them, and if not, please don’t.

Run The Edge ensures that each challenge is unique, fun, inspirational, and customizable. The focus is on you.

According to them, Run The Year is the “bestest” fitness challenge ever; if bestest was a word, of course. Now, how exactly can you join in?

Run The Year 2021: Basic Registration

Basic registration is currently $30, a great deal and the perfect option for those wanting to get the challenge done without the extra bells and whistles. Included with this registration is an in-website tracker for both you and all your teammates’ miles (how else would you be able to track 2,021 miles after all?) Keep in mind that while you can knock out the challenge with a 5-member team, each person understandably has to register individually. Alongside the tracker, you’ll receive an optional invitation to the Run The Year Facebook group. We suggest accepting the invitation—as there won’t be much of a social aspect to this intimidating challenge otherwise. Last but not least, you’ll get access to a free RTY 2021 Mileage Guide and Plan to hold you accountable in reaching your mile goals.

Run The Year 2021: Deluxe Registration

A step up from basic, we have deluxe registration priced at $40. You’ll receive everything included with the Basic Registration, as well as:

  • Interactive Pocket Watch Medal.
  • Legacy Coin (2021)
  • Run The Year 2021 Passport and Stickers

Run The Year 2021: Get It All Registration

True to its name, this is the registration bundle you want if you’d like to go above and beyond with your participation in this challenge. At $60 the extra cost comes from the inclusion of a shirt that rather creatively showcases the text “2021 miles in 2021.” This is a high tech, custom dyed shirt that’ll undoubtedly allow you to show off your high aspirations throughout the entire year. And, of course, you’ll also receive everything included in the Deluxe Registration bundle.

Extra Info

The Run The year tracker makes it easy to sync popular devices. You can also do Manual Entry if you like. There are links to tutorial videos on the Run The Edge website that’ll show you how to sync each device to the tracker for Garmin devices, Fitbit devices, Strava devices, and Apple devices.

Wondering what miles count towards the challenge? As a general rule, they encourage people to complete this challenge on their feet. Walking, running, hiking, strolling, treadmilling, elliptical-ing, stair climbing, etc. are all good ways to put in miles.

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