How to Support Your Community With Your Amazon Purchases

(The Triangle Trend) — If you use Amazon to do your online shopping, there’s no reason not to do it through Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a platform completely identical to the Amazon we’ve all come to know, but  0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases are donated to a charitable organization of your choice. All the products are the same. Service is still the same. Prime benefits are the same. Everything is the same. So through making absolutely zero sacrifices on your end, you can make sure all your Amazon orders are helping out a good cause. How cool is that?

All you have to do to switch over to Amazon smile? Type smile.amazon.com into your search engine, or https://smile.amazon.com/ to be more specific. The page that pops up looks exactly like the homepage of Amazon.com, plus the nice inclusion of a mini text blurb stating “AmazonSmile donations generated:” followed by the exact amount in USD that all your orders combined generated for your charity. Now obviously, 0.5% isn’t a lot at just 1/200th of your total purchase price but it definitely adds up over time. Especially if you do a lot of major shopping or make big purchases on Amazon. But even those late-night impulse buys will gradually be a huge help for your nonprofit of choice. You can choose from almost a million charities, schools, and other nonprofits. Amazon will reach out to the organization you select to ensure it is ready to accept donations.

Unless you’re devoted to a specific charitable organization, you’ve got a quite a generous selection of North Carolina nonprofits to support with your AmazonSmile purchases.

Here are a few well worth considering.

EarthShare North Carolina

Location: Durham, NC | Year Founded: 1991

Mission: Provide partner organizations with the knowledge and resources necessary to preserve and protect the Earth. Their efforts are all done with the ultimate goal of saving the environment. If you’re at all concerned with lessening your carbon footprint, this is the organization for you.

Programs: Corporate Forums, Corporate Earth Day Events, Employee Giving and Engagement, Green Team Roundtables

Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, North Carolina

Location: Raleigh, NC | Year Founded: 1984

Mission: To help sick children and their families stay together while the child undergoes any medical treatment. They keep families together and reduce the stress that always accompanies the diagnosis of an illness through providing comfortable and caring homes-away-from-homes.

Programs: Ronald McDonald House Charities Grants Program

YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

Location: Winston Salem, NC | Year Founded: 1888

Mission: Help people adopt healthy lifestyles through YMCA’s programs and resources needed to succeed. Their goals include preparing youth and teens to succeed as well as strengthening and supporting families.

Programs: Ronald McDonald House Charities Grants Program

ALS Association, North Carolina Chapter

Location: Raleigh, NC | Year Founded: 1987

Mission: To financially, emotionally, and physically support those living in North Carolina who have been diagnosed with Lupus. They aim to empower the people they support and are working towards the discovery of a cure or better treatment method.

Programs: Connection Groups, Medical Equipment Loan Program, Chapter Grant, Multi-Disciplinary Clinics

Disability Rights North Carolina

Location: Raleigh, NC | Year Founded: 1978

Mission: To provide legally-based advocacy for residents of all North Carolina counties who are currently living with disabilities. They work to make sure rights aren’t denied to anyone of any age, regardless of his or her disability.

Programs: Legal Advocacy, Investigations and Monitoring

Dream Factory, Inc. North Carolina

Location: Greenville, NC | Year Founded: 1980

Mission: As the second-largest children’s wish-granting organization in the United States, this organization works to fulfill the dreams of children diagnosed with chronic or critical illnesses. 96.1% of all money raised by The Dream Factory is used to grant the dreams of children ages 3 – 18.

Programs: Dream Granting

Autism Society of North Carolina

Location: Raleigh, NC | Year Founded: 1970

Mission: Providing autistic persons and their families with the resources necessary to enhance lives. Through support and providing different opportunities, Autism society empowers individuals who reside somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Programs:  Autism Services, Clinical Services, Social Recreation Programs

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