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How Local Peak City Gym Offers a Better Fitness Experience

(The Triangle Trend) — Brothers Shane and Brendan Rabideau opened the Peak City Gym on January 28, 2020. Shane, the general manager, and Brendan, the director of performance and training, were thrilled to launch their family-owned business, a cutting edge gym focused on the oft-overlooked 40+ crowd. The future looked bright. 

Six weeks later, as COVID-19 spread, they had to shut the gym down due to the Governor’s executive order. They remained closed for 10 weeks—not exactly the blueprint for small business success. But, like anyone who has pushed through a challenging workout, they found a way, as Brendan put it, “to fight another day.” 

And fight they did. Today, this impressive gym, located off Highway 55 in Apex, has found success amid the pandemic. The gym’s size and layout allows members to work out in a socially distanced way, whether in classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, or during self-led workouts. 

With the aforementioned small classes and groups, Shane and Brendan can more quickly assess individual members’ needs, limitations, and goals. From there, they build out customized fitness programs focused on improving stability and balance, mobility and flexibility, or strength and power, just to name a few. 

“We meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey and bridge the gap to where you want to be,” said Shane. 

Members are given a heart monitor when they join and book time at the gym via a phone App. So, while Shane and Brendan tout that they offer a more personal touch, Peak City Gym doesn’t sacrifice technology for intimacy. 

This holistic and inclusive approach to health and fitness boasts a third wellness tier: nutrition. The brothers work closely with a registered dietician who offers advice and guidance to any interested member on all things nutrition. And if that wasn’t enough, they underscored their willingness to work with any member and his or her physical therapist (where applicable) to ensure a sustained and, ultimately, positive outcome. 

Though Shane and Brendan point to time spent at a small gym in Rhode Island (i.e. while in middle and high school) as their early inspiration on this career path, their more recent collective experience in Greenville, NC would seem to be the more significant one. The academic paths they took while enrolled at East Carolina University—Shane’s in Biomechanics and Brendan’s in Kinesiology—coupled with their lifetime of health and fitness experience lead them to where they are today. 

Shane and Brendan talked about how proud they are of the current level of camaraderie and community that already exists at the gym, and they look optimistically to the future and fully expect those two areas to grow and expand when the pandemic finally retreats. They see a more robust schedule of fundraising events, happy hours, and movie nights, to name a few.

These events will, of course, serve to grow the business, but perhaps more importantly, will cement Peak City Gym as an interested and active member of the business community and the community at large. 

Brothers Shane and Brendan Rabideau combined their passion and knowledge and opened the Peak City Gym to be a bridge to members’ goals and an example to the community. They build bridges so their members can fight another day. 

Visit their website, or find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Peak City Gym

730 W Williams Street, Apex, NC 27502

(919) 367-6084

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