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Free Outdoor Movie Showings at Bull City Reels on Wheels

(The Triangle Trend) — Did someone say free movies? That’s right—Durham Parks and Recreation is offering a one-of-kind “cinema” experience at Durham County Stadium through Bull City Reel on Wheels.

You and your family can hop into your vehicle and attend an evening-time movie showing this Friday. In order to enforce social distancing and ensure a healthy, enjoyable experience for everyone, guests are required to stay in their vehicles unless going to the food trucks or restrooms. 75 vehicles is their maximum capacity.

All tickets must be reserved online beforehand, with only one ticket required per vehicle. Reserving a spot guarantees you entry to the showing, and Reels on Wheels is strict about not allowing admittance to those without reservations. Ticket registration is accessible until capacity is reached or until 3 PM on the day of your showing. However, reservations fill up quite fast, so you shouldn’t bet on reserving a spot at the last minute!

To date, all Bull City Reels on Wheels movies have been rated G (General Audience) PG (Parental Guidance), or PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned), so check ahead if you’re worried about whether to bring your kids.

In true cinematic fashion, there will be plenty of food available for purchase. The food trucks offer a variety of options and are subject to change from showing to showing. In contrast with typical theaters, Bull City Reels on Wheels allows guests to bring in their own off-premise food. Though they do ask that you consider supporting the local economy by ordering on-site. Gates open 60 minutes before showings so you’ll have plenty of time to make and receive your food orders prior to the movie. All food trucks stay open until 15 minutes before the ending of the showing, so you’re welcome to order during the showing as well.

Bear in mind that your vehicle will need an FM Tuner in order for you to hear the movie, as radios and power won’t be provided.

The instructions provided by Reels on Wheels are “turn your key to the ‘accessory’ position and tune your radio to the station provided at the gate and listed on the sign in front of the movie screen to hear the film.” You’ll need a portable battery-powered boombox or radio if your vehicle isn’t equipped with an FM tuner.

A few other things to consider before arriving:

  • Dogs and other pets aren’t allowed (You will be asked to leave)
  • Smoking isn’t allowed
  • Vaping isn’t allowed
  • Alcohol isn’t allowed
  • You aren’t allowed to leave and come back. You’re expected to stay until the end of the showing unless you have an emergency in which you should inform the staff so that they’ll provide instruction on how to safely exit.
  • You’re allowed entrance at any point of the showing, as long as you’ve already made reservations.
  • If you’d like to park near friends, you’ll need to make sure you all enter the stadium at the same time as vehicles are parked on a first-come first-serve basis. Guests are asked not to share food between vehicles.
  • Guests must have a vehicle in order to enter the stadium. There is no walk-in admittance.

If you’d like to know which movies will be shown ahead of time, check Bull City Reels on Wheels page as well as the DPR Facebook page.


Durham County Memorial Stadium, 750 Stadium Dr, Durham, NC 27704

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