Break into Modeling and Acting with Barbizon

(The Triangle Trend) — Do you think you or one of your kids has what it takes to begin a modeling or acting career?

Online auditions are being held in Raleigh! Barbizon Modeling & Acting is looking for new faces to model, act, and develop their unique brand. Applicants aged 8 to 19 are invited to audition.

Netflix, Girls’ Life, Seventeen Magazine, and Disney have all collaborated with Barbizon models and performers, so don’t jump on this opportunity unless you’re ready for the opportunity to go big-time! To book your virtual audition, you’ll need to fill out this form.

Here’s some background about Barbizon and what sets it apart from other agencies:

Barbizon Modeling has been a driving force in the modeling and acting profession for over 80 years. As expected in their industry, they’re always changing and aiming to be on the cutting edge of the modeling and acting business. They boast over 200 locations both nationally and internationally, along with a respected reputation as the trusted source for breaking into the modeling and acting profession the correct way.

That is, with a network of thousands of industry pros and contacts throughout the world, a famous curriculum, and unique job placement services. Barbizon offers many types of programs including modeling, acting, and personal development, which each have their own curriculum.

If you’re concerned about not quite making the cut for “model status”, worry less. Barbizon teaches modeling and acting for people of all shapes and sizes because the industry accepts all shapes and sizes. Before you scoff in disdain, you’ll have to think about the very broad scope of modeling. Yes, fashion models in cities like New York and Paris are tall, but there are multiple other avenues of modeling, particularly in smaller markets, where the height requirements are not as strict. Commercial models, for example, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

That being said, when asked “do you accept everyone”, Barbizon replied no. All candidates must satisfy specific standards, which include a personal interview and review to see if they possess the characteristics and devotion that Barbizon seeks. This is a business after all.

What distinguishes Barbizon from other modeling and acting schools? Barbizon has been the industry leader in modeling and acting training institutions since 1939. They not only provide the courses you want and need, but they also provide cutting-edge industry specialists with vast expertise in modeling, acting, and personal development.

They have offices in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Rocky Mount, and Wilmington. Have questions about Barbizon’s modeling program? Want to know how you can schedule an appointment with them in your area?

You can contact Barbizon by email at: info@barbizonusa.com

Or give them a call at 1-800-330-8361

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