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All Raleigh McDonald’s and Their Ratings

(The Triangle Trend) — Fine wine, caviar, and chocolate truffles are great from time to time, but there’s just about nothing more satisfying than a cheap, delicious, slightly over salted meal. In the NC Triangle, fast food is in abundance and McDonald’s reigns as the quick eats staple. Though there’ll always be people who turn their nose up at the franchise, McDonald’s is the go-to spot for cheap, satisfying meals for lots of folks. From happy meals to Big Macs to salads, and even their shockingly cheap McCafé options, they’re a practical option for any meal of the day, though not the healthiest of cuisine.

Fortunately, diners can rest assured that the health of their cooking environments are high-rated using the official Health Inspection’s sanitation scale. So, here’s where Raleigh’s McDonald’s fall in terms of sanitation rating.

1. McDonald’s Peace Street

Location: 703 W Peace St, Raleigh, NC 27605

Inspection Date: 08/12/2020

Score: 100

The health inspector’s only complaints? Some icicle formation off the piping from the right side of the cooling unit and two mops not hung to dry.

2. McDonald’s Glenwood Avenue

Location: 4325-2051 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27624

Inspection Date: 06/23/2020

Score: 99

One point deducted due to some drain flies present in the kitchen area.

3. McDonald’s Trawick

Location: 1700 Trawick Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Inspection Date: 04/24/2020

Score: 98.5

Wet wiping cloths were found being held on surfaces outside of sanitizer solution. Some cold holding units had torn gaskets.

4. McDonald’s Lake Boone

Location: 3810 Lake Boone Trl, Raleigh, NC 27607-2927

Inspection Date: 09/02/2020

Score: 98

Observed team member packing trash down inside trash can with gloved hands, then failed to use soap rinsing hands under water at hand sink.

5. McDonald’s Blue Ridge Road

Location: 4121 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612-4633

Inspection Date: 04/21/2020

Score: 97.5

Soda syrup bag attached to fountain drink dispenser lines was laying on the floor. Track shelving broken in stock room. Front line staff who were preparing items in fryers weren’t wearing hair restraints.

6. McDonald’s Blue Ridge Road

Location:  601 Corporate Center Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606

Inspection Date: 09/08/2020

Score: 97.5

Multiple plastic containers on drying rack had cracks or were deteriorated. Multiple dishes on drying racks were stacked wet. Re-hydrated onions were at 50°F and had been prepared five hours before.

7. McDonald’s Brier Creek Walmart

Location: 10050 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617

Inspection Date: 11/13/2019

Score: 97.5

About five containers were observed with sticker residue and stickers. The soda nozzles at the drink machine were sticky and observed with heavy black residue. The ice chute had some pink mold. General cleaning was needed on the cooking equipment

8. McDonald’s New Hope

Location: 1725 New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

Inspection Date: 08/03/2020

Score: 97

Food in the long, white, ready-to-go unit was above 41°F: burritos at 50°F and ham at 49°F. Some of the equipments’ door handles were greasy.

9. McDonald’s Millbrook Road

Location: 3508 Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

Inspection Date: 07/27/2020

Score: 97

There was one container with sticker residue and food debris in the clean dishes area. Two containers of cut lettuce were not the correct temperature.  A lot of fruit flies around the soda machine in the self-serve area were observed.

10. McDonald’s New Bern Avenue

Location: 4431 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610

Inspection Date: 05/04/2020

Score: 97

The cart used for storing clean food containers and utensils had cracked areas in the plastic. The bottom wire shelf in the walk-in freezer was damaged. Two buckets of wiping cloth sanitizer solution had an incorrect concentration. Unprotected coffee filters were found.

11. McDonald’s Six Forks

Location: 7301 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615

Inspection Date: 02/11/2020

Score: 97

The ice maker was observed with a pink residue on the interior. Shredded lettuce at 53°F and coffee creamer at 49°F were improperly stored.

12. McDonald’s Western Boulevard

Location: 3710 Western Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27606

Inspection Date: 01/14/2020

Score: 94.5

The Chicken Tenders were cooked to as low as 118°F and Crispy Chicken was cooked as low as 144°F.  A cloth towel was stored inside the handwashing sink. Some shredded cheese was stored at 70°F. Ice accumulated inside the freezer at the back of the compressor. Sandwich boxes for Specialty Sandwiches were dirty.

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