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10 Non-Degree Programs in Wake County for your Creative Side Hustle

Finances took a hit nation-wide due to Covid19, and Wake County is still struggling to get unemployment rates back down to what they were. Full-time jobs are definitely in high demand, but entrepreneurial part-time pursuits have been on the rise for months now. Anyone who has a skill that your everyday worker doesn’t, is able to pick up freelancing, contracting, or consulting.

The appeal to learn creative hard skills like photography, writing, audio editing, and graphic design is growing stronger as demand increases. Fortunately, you don’t have to get left behind. Wake Technical community college offers 32 non-degree programs for those looking to pursue a creative passion. You’re free to enroll in them solely for fun, and consequently start your own business utilizing your new skill set. Here are just some courses currently being offered that appear to be student favorites.

Commercial Drone (UAS) Pilot Exam Training

Course Code: SEF-3001GD2

Who is this course for? Anyone with a desire to use a drone for business, who has inquiries about commercial use, or who’s interested in finding out more about recreational use

Objectives: Understand drone safety and preflight basics, as well as aircraft systems, flight Operations, National Airspace Systems, weather and how laws apply to commercial and recreational UAS uses.

Industrial Welding – Shielded Metal Arc

Course Code: WLD-3106B1

Who is this course for? Those who wish to become professional welders in the industries of manufacturing, construction, fabrication, quality supervision, sales, and self-employment.

Objectives: To be able to safely set-up and cut with an oxy-acetylene torch, to build an effective padding in the flat and horizontal positions, to build an effective fillet weld in the horizontal position, to have gained a greater understanding of the welding industry, and have learned the set-up and use of a SMAW rig.

Pathways to Careers in Interior Design and Home Staging

Course Code: HRD-3004BG2

Who is this course for? Unemployed job seekers with an eye for design. Creative minded individuals with a passion for decorating are encouraged to enroll.

Objectives: To have learned what interior designers and home stagers do and where they work, and have developed a plan to pursue additional training for work in interior design and staging.

Creative Writing

Course Code: CSP-4000HW2

Who is this course for? Anyone wanting to try out creative writing or grow as a creative writer. For those with a passion in all forms of creative writing, including poems, lyrics, plays, & more.

Objectives: Learn to share and read what is written, learn how to respond to each person’s writing in positive terms only, and learn about confidentiality in writing.

Gentle Yoga Utilizing Props

Course Code: CSP-4000HC2

Who is this course for? Any adult with an interest in the practice of yoga.

Objectives: Learn ways to make yoga poses more accommodating to your body, and how to unite the body, mind, and spirit through movement, breathing, and relaxation.

Podcasting 101

Course Code: SEF-3001KF2

Who is this course for? Anyone curious about the process of podcast creation.

Objectives: Know podcasting benefits, understand how to create, distribute, host, and monetize podcasts, and examine strategies to build relationships and communities for important causes.

Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

Course Code: SEF-3001QE

Who is this course for? Anyone interested in the special techniques digital photographs use to capture great travel shots.

Objectives: Explore landscape photography, discuss methods for getting sharp images, discover ways to capture images of animals, and learn how to make the most of aquatic photographic opportunities.

Basic Digital Photography

Course Code: CSP-4000J3

Who is this course for? Amateur users of DSLR cameras looking to cover the fundamentals of professional photography.

Objectives: To understand and use the features built into the modern digital camera and to analyze photos and improve them by use of fundamental professional techniques.

Acting Part 1

Course Code: CSP-4000IY2

Who is this course for? Anyone interested in the art of Acting.

Objectives: To learn what it takes to prepare one’s voice, mind, and body in order to inhabit a character, improvisational skills,truly ‘do’ something when acting rather than pretend to do it, to

memorize lines, to bring personal experiences to acting, to shed inhibitions and take chances.

ePublishing Your Book

Course Code: SEF-79152

Who is this course for? Writers nearing the publishing point for their written work. Authors looking to learn more about CreateSpace’s ePublishing process as a paperback alternative.

Objectives: To understand the basics of e-publishing and to be able to publish written work.

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